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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use my membership?

You can use your membership at all Shoalhaven Swim & Fitness Centres.

When is the quietest time to swim?

Usually between 10am & 3:30pm on most days, however, you can view our lane allocation / availability at your favourite Swim & Fitness centre or see our Front Counter staff.

When is the busiest time?

Monday to Friday - 6:00am - 7:30am & 3:330pm - 6:00pm, you can view our lane allocation / availability at your favourite Swim & Fitness centre or see our Front Counter staff.

How much for entry to pool?

All fees & charges can be viewed at your favourite Swim & Fitness centre or see our Front Counter staff.

What are your opening hours?

Opening hours for all facilities can be viewed at your favourite Swim & Fitness centre or see our Front Counter staff.

What etiquette do I need to follow at the Centres?

For Swimming

To ensure the safety and enjoyment for all swimmers at the Aquatic Centre, please adopt the following swimming etiquette:
  • Keep to the left of the black line
  • Stop at the end of the lane to allow faster swimmers to pass
  • Try to adhere to the slow, medium and fast signage
  • Be considerate and encouraging to other swimmers
  • Don't stop in the middle of the pool
  • Look both ways and take extra care when crossing the lanes to exit the pool
  • Don't hang or sit on the lane ropes
  • Keep the end of the pool clear for turning

For Gymnasium

  • Agree to pay all entry fees associated with entry onto the premises
  • Agree to abide by all rules of the facility applicable to the general public
  • Agree not to harass, threaten or intimidate facility staff in the carrying out of their duties
  • Agree not to harass, threaten or intimidate other patrons
  • Agree not to behave in a manner than would be regarded by a reasonable person as being, in all the circumstances, offensive
  • Observe all lawful directions from the facility operator / management in relation to their conduct whilst on the property

Where are your Centres located?

Aquatic & Leisure Centres

Village Pools

Sea Pools

What types of group fitness classes are available?

Les Mills classes are offered at Bay & Basin Leisure Centre.

Mossa Australia classes are offered at Ulladulla Leisure Centre.

The type of group fitness classes & timetables can be viewed at your favourite leisure centre or see our Front Counter staff or Centre Signage.

What age do you provide Learn to Swim classes for?

Our Swim & Survive programs offer three levels:

  • Wonder - (6-36 months) - Our infant aquatic program has a focus on water familiarization and is taught with parent & child together in the water
  • Courage - (3 - 5 years) - our preschool program has a focus on water confidence
  • Active - (5-14 years) - Our school-aged program has a focus on swimming and water safety

If your child has a special need, speak to the Aquatic Education Coordinators at our Centres who will be happy to assess and work out the best class for your child.

We also offer squad programs for those keen and/or elite students wanting to progress their swimming ability with a focus on stroke correction, endurance, developing speed and training techniques for all four competitive strokes.

Squads are also offered for adults in the form of Fitswim or Squad Sessions.

What qualifications do your Learn to swim instructors hold?

All our Swim & Survive instructors hold an AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety qualification and undergo regular training and in-services.

Our Squad Coaches hold either specialist qualifications in AUSTSWIM Teacher of Competitive Strokes or hold ASCTA Coaching Licences.

What concession cards do you accept?

You are entitled to a concession rate if you present one of the following:

  • Current Pensioner Concession Card
  • Commonwealth Seniors Health Card
  • Seniors Card
  • High School Student Card (16 years and older)

Are there any age restrictions for gym membership?

16 years is the minimum age to enter into a membership agreement, however we offer a pool membership to under 16's.

Do you have senior's classes?

At Bay & Basin Leisure centre we run special classes called Gentle Fit which are a fun, social, supervised group classes designed to maintain and improve muscle strength for people 50 years and older twice per week at 11.30am to 12.30pm Tuesday's and Fridays.

Can I volunteer at Council Leisure Centres?

Unfortunately due to compliance requirements, there are only limited opportunities to help out at the Leisure Centres. Bay and Basin & Ulladulla, for example has a Child Minding facility with positions available to volunteer your time. Helpers would need WWCC, First Aid and Induction training. Speak to the Customer Service Counter for further details.

Can I have a Birthday Party at the Pool?

Yes, our Leisure Centres offer package deals to assist with running kids parties. Check with your local Leisure Centre to see how we can help plan your party and what's currently on offer.

When does the Slide run at Bay & Basin Leisure Centre?

Weekends and School Holidays.

How warm is the water (Pool Temp) at Bay & Basin Leisure Centre?

  • The main pool is 28 degrees
  • The leisure pool is 32 degrees
  • The spa is 37 degrees

When can I use the hydrotherapy/learners pool at Ulladulla Leisure Centre?

,p>6-9am & 12:30-1:30pm, for older adults doing therapy. Other times are shared. See timetable for further details. For parents with pre-schoolers between 2:30-4:00pm Mon, Wed, Thu Fri see timetable for further details.

Can children use the hydrotherapy pool during self-guided therapy?

Only if they are doing therapy ie broken limbs, permanently disabled.

I'm a carer, do I have pay?

If you are physically helping or supervising a person then no (some people have carer's cards that should be presented). Yes, if you are swimming laps while the other is doing therapy.

My child is swimming do I have to pay?

For children Under 5 we highly recommend you enter the water and be within arm's reach. If you are entering the water you have to pay the adult entry fee.

My child is in your swim school so do I have to pay?

Children in our swim school need to present there card and have their currency confirmed to gain free entry. Parents entering the water need to pay. Children in our swim school under 3 can have their "free entry" utilised by a parent until they are three as long as the parent is with the child.

My child can swim; can I leave them at the pool?

We do not allow entry to children under 10 without a supervising adult (over 16) to stay at all times within the pool area.

I'm going to watch my kids during lesson, do I have to pay?

No, but please come to the counter so we can register your attendance.

Do I have to be/watch my children during lessons?

No but we do encourage it. If they are under 10 they must be supervised by an adult (16 or over) before and after each class.

Can I use the hydrotherapy pool during swimming lessons?


Can I enrol my child in to Learn to swim?

Contact your favourite Swim & Fitness centre & they can advise you of class times and availability.

Can my child join a squad?

The prerequisites for squad are the ability to complete the skills of learn to swim level 5. The major skills are 75m Freestyle & backstroke with starts & turns, 50m Breaststroke with starts & turns, basic butterfly 25m.

Does my child have to be competing to do squad?

No. Our advanced squads (Silver & Gold) do train across all strokes but competition is not essential. Our Teen squad is predominately freestyle for those wanting to train but not compete.

How/When can I have a Learn to swim or squad assessment?

Under 3 based on age, over three and low-mid level students are verbally assessed. More advanced children need to organise an assessment, usually with the Coordinator. Contact your local Leisure Centre.

Do have to be in the water with my child during Learn to swim classes?

Yes, if they are Under 2. Yes, if they are Under 3 yes (at least to start with). The aim of 2-3 year old class is to transition parents out of the water. Each student, each group of students and each combination of student/teacher will alter "when". Come prepared to hop in every lesson until they are 3.

Can my child use their Swim school "free" entry during a school group, birthday party etc?

Sorry, no "free entry" is only for general recreational swimming. Card must be presented at the counter and currency confirmed prior to entry.

What time is the child minding open at Ulladulla Leisure Centre?

9:00-12:30pm Mon-Fri and 9:00am - 12:00pm Saturdays.

When is the outdoor pool open?

Seasonal. Normally during school Term 4 start of October until end Term 1 around Easter.

My child has missed some swimming classes can I do a Make-up?

In the Learn to Swim programs we do not offer make-ups. We offer a complimentary pass for access to the centre for individual missed classes, with prior notification. We will consider offering credit for three or more consecutive missed lessons due to illness or extenuating circumstances. Squad session we can offer minimal make-up session but these can only be booked if prior notification was given before a missed session and must all be used within the same term.

What beaches do you provide lifeguard services for & when?

  • Shoalhaven Heads
  • Crookhaven Heads Beach
  • Tilbury Cove (Ocean Street, Culburra Beach)
  • Warrain Beach (Culburra Beach)
  • Cudmirrah / Berrara Beach (Sussex Inlet)
  • Narrawallee Beach (Surfers Avenue)
  • North Mollymook
  • South Mollymook

Professional lifeguarding services are usually ran during the summer season (December to March).

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